Key Contacts

John Carroll  •  President and CEO
John is a native Eastern North Carolinian and his father was one our company's founders. John is now our company leader and he presides over the entire range of company activities as well as serving as both human resource and marketing manager. John oversees our customer focus and is primarily responsible for our commitment to quality. On the rare occasions when he's not working, John enjoys spending time with his family and he loves to fish. Contact John to find out about what WMW Marine or Winterville Machine Works can do for you

image shows Ted Cox of Winterville Machine Works in Winterville, NcTed Cox   •   Vice President
Another of our Winterville born-and-bred native sons, Ted's father was one of our company's founders. As Vice President, Ted arranges selection of vendors, and is primarily responsible for expeditious arrival of all materials, products and services. Ted maintains our records including inventory, supplies and purchase orders. He is responsible for generating most of our Shop Orders and he maintains our supplier assessment information. Handy with every detail, Ted is the guy who makes our nearly flawless JIT delivery tick.

Image shows Greig Lane of Winterville Machine Works, Winterville, NCGreigLane   •   VP Operations

Greig is our Operations Manager; Greig makes things happen. Greig coordinates company operations and personnel in Manufacturing, Shipping and Receiving, and Utility Services. Greig is co-chair (along with John Carroll) of our Manufacturing Design Review Team and thus is responsible for supporting and assisting other managers and team leaders as well as implementing our company plans and policies. Greig is also directly responsible for our Safety Programs and OSHA compliance. If you aim to get the job done, Greig is the go-to guy at our company.

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