Winterville Machine Works' Metal Plating Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between electrolytic and electroless plating?

Electrolytic nickel is deposited using DC current, while Electroless Ni is an autocatalytic deposition. Electroless Ni produces plating of uniform thickness all over the part, while electrolytic Ni plates a thicker deposit in high current density areas. Electrolytic nickel is more ductile than electroless, which tends to be brittle and glasslike. Electroless nickel usually takes longer. Plating times of 1 to 2 hours are fairly common, while an hour is a very long time for electrolytic nickel plating. Electroless plating is well suited for parts with complex geometries and/or many fine features. Electroless plating is generally more time consuming than electrolytic plating. The price difference should be considered.

How large and heavy of parts can Winterville Machine Works plate?

The answer is: it depends. Your best bet is to send a drawing or picture of your part to us and speak with your Winterville Machine Works representative. Tank and crane capacity, condition of the part and post-plating processes will affect the project.

Who is responsible for shipping to Winterville Machine Works?

The customer is responsible for shipping to Winterville Machine Works. The finished plated parts will be shipped F.O.B Winterville Machine Works, Winterville, NC and freight costs included in the project costs.

Will Winterville Machine Works clean my parts prior to plating?

Again, the answer is: that depends. Winterville Machine Works provides professional plating services, cleaning among them. However, badly-corroded, pre-plated or damaged parts may not be suitable for plating.

What is a typical delivery time for metal plating?

Each project is different. We will try to accommodate your delivery needs, but reserve the right to modify schedules if the project runs into unexpected issues.

Call Winterville Machine Works today at 252-756-2130 and find out if our Plating Facility is the right place for your plating project.