Winterville Machine Works Earns International Recognition For Quality Standards Through ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Winterville Machine Work has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification, an international recognition of high level quality and customer focus in business-to-business commerce. "This certification is the culmination of a long process of refining internal and external systems, responsibilities, training and teamwork. The endeavor itself takes a sincere commitment to quality," says John Carroll, president and CEO of Winterville Machine Works (WMW). "The most important thing in the drive toward excellence and customer satisfaction is carefully developing a framework for success. We must walk the quality walk as well as talk the quality talk to open doors and successfully be a customer-driven company."

WMW's final hurdle was cleared after a review by an external auditor. The examiner scored systems of maintenance, calibration, accounting, purchasing, human resources, shipping, receiving and much more in methodical detail. "We have to answer a lot of questions and give evidence of compliance to ISO 9001:2008 standards."

"We're very proud that we had a nearly flawless audit."

"The ability of any firm to stay in business, to prosper, to provide good jobs for its employees, and to earn a return for its stockholders, depends, in large part, on the climate of public opinion in which it operates. The most direct effect of public opinion is on sales, and therefore, on jobs and earnings. People hold a high opinion of a business when they can depend on quality work, meeting scheduled delivery, and competitive prices."

Today's management continues with this ideal.

The tradition of quality service is based on the merits of skilled, long-term employees, many with 20 - 30 years experience, and the commitment to continually upgrade production equipment. Today's close-knit Company is capable of handling your machining and turnkey jobs, whether simple or complicated. Our in-house capabilities for fabricating, machining and plating all within one plant enable us to deliver with less lead time and greater quality and cost control. Our services continue to be customized as well as the most advanced available.

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